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This concludes the collection of Irish graves identified on Norfolk Island.

Bartholomew Kelly died on Norfolk Island on June 21, 1842, aged 26. He was born in Kilmurry, County Cork, Ireland.

Patrick Lynch died in Norfolk island on April 18, 1842, aged 24. He was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland.

Batholomew McCann died on Norfolk Island on September 3, 1845, aged 25. He was born in Belfast, Ireland.

Patrick Mulligan died on Norfolk island on November 4, 1843, aged 33. He was born in the city of Dublin, Ireland.

John Sharp died on Norfolk Island in 1841, aged 28. He was born in County Dublin.

Stephen Smith, husband and father, was murdered on Norfolk Island on July 1, 1846, aged 40. He was born in Dublin, Ireland.

#27, 2 July 1846

The funeral of Stephen Smith, who had been murdered the previous day, took place at 2pm. 
Smith had been transported to Norfolk Island for seven years in 1832 for robbery. During 1837 he requested a permanent position at Norfolk Island upon the expiry of his sentence, and was appointed as Police Runner.
Smith's usefulness was regularly noted in commandants' letters to headquarters: his absence in 1842 to give evidence at a trial left the establishment "much crippled" according to Superintendent Alexander Maconochie, for example. Smith was almost certainly a trafficker, however: in 1847 two sacks of meal were found in his hut, ordinarily grounds for dismissal, but Commandant Joseph Childs overlooked the offence as Smith was too valuable to lose. 
Smith left behind a widow and three children. A headstone was erected to his memory, which stands today in Norfolk Island's cemetery.

William Storey died on Norfolk Island on January 9, 1838, aged 29. He was born in the city of Dublin, Ireland.

Daniel Whalen died on Norfolk Island in 1841. He was born in Belfast, Ireland.

Additional photos are courtesy of Jeff O'Keefe

Overview of cemetery...
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Among others...

Stephen Smith, Native of Dublin, free overseer of Norfolk, who was barbarously murdered by a body of prisoners on the 1st July 1840, whilst in the execution of his duty at the Settlement Cook house, leaving a wife and three children to lament his loss.

                             (c) Jeff O'Keefe

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  1. The photograph of William Storey's grave on Norfolk Island was erected by my g g g uncle Lawrence Frayne. I enjoy reading your interesting blogs very much

  2. Thank you, Sharn... it's always great to have a little of the history of those whose headstones I post. if you would like to send me a short biography I can include it on my biography page here and link back to the photo.


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